Hi, my name is Raul Jordan - I am a Go developer working on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. I write regulary about cryptocurrencies, technology, life, gaming, and the latest ideas floating around the cypherpunk sphere.
Read more about me and my works - contact me raul@prysmaticlabs.com

My Works & Projects

Things I've built and tinkered with

Check out my current and previous projects:

Software Engineering

Prysmatic Labs - (prysmaticlabs.com) - Currently co-leading a team of blockchain engineers implementing Sharding+Casper Proof of Stake for Ethereum 2.0. We have received over $1,500,000 in grants from the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Community Fund, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Aragon, among others.

Kynplex - (kynplex.com) - Started Kynplex while I was a freshman at Harvard as a way to make scientific information easily accessible to the general public. Received the Thiel Fellowship as a $100,000 grant alongside my co-founder to leave school for 2 years and focus on building up the company.

Pycoin - (pycoin.herokuapp.com) - Created PyCoin as an online visualization tool of cryptocurrency markets as a final project for my Computer Science course at Harvard, CS171 Visualization

Machine Learning

Predicting Loan Payments on Lending Club’s Public Data - Achieved 93% ROC-AUC Score at the Chicago ML Meetup’s Hackathon by using a supervised learning approach to predict loan payments on lendingclub.com’s public data.

Topic Modeling to Understand Genetic Cancer Variants - (link) - I used Latent Dirichlet Allocation as a topic modeling approach to understand the major factors governing certain cancer variants in Kaggle.

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