"I Believe It Is What We Make That Defines Us"

My Name is Raul Eduardo Jordan

My name is Raul and I am an entrepreneur from Honduras excited about exploring how blockchain technology can revolutionize the world and make our lives more transparent. I write about my journey throughout this world of computer science and all of the lessons I have learned by taking time off college to build my own company and to

This is my story.

I Was Born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Unfortunately, many countries around the world do not have the infrastructure to harvest the benefits of innovation. Growing up in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, I have witnessed how the crippling poverty that affects my people has created an economy that is focused more on agriculture and manufacturing than anything else. A career in science is seen as a path with no potential for financial stability. However, my curiosity and desire to learn never stopped me.

I worked at my aunt's lab, JordanLab, as a water quality control analyst, constantly learning about how new technologies could impact the work of others in the country and thinking about how I could help bring about this change.

I Started Studying at Harvard University

I was fortunate enough to become the third Honduran student ever to go attend Harvard University. When I arrived I discovered an unexpected haven within Computer Science. Suddenly, I realized that I had the potential to transform lives by simply having an Internet connection and my laptop, without needing hundreds of thousands of dollars of lab equipment. I met hundreds of students with unparalleled drives and I dived into the world of machine learning, software engineering, and the life sciences.

Harvard offered a myriad of opportunities I knew I could take advantage of, and so I did. As a lover of information and a believer in open access to scientific literature, I joined the Harvard Innovation Lab, where I decided to build my own solution to the problem of scientific communication.

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I Co-Founded Kynplex as a Freshman in College

After exploring research opportunities in the library with my cofounder, Grace, we discovered that there is a complete lack of unity in the worldwide scientific community. We were shocked at how scattered and inefficient the spread of information was, even in the top research circles.

We decided to take it upon ourselves to begin by creating a database of labs around Boston in a simple website, but then we discovered that we could build a network of scientific innovation that is accessible outside of academia. Now, Kynplex is a content platform that makes it easy for anyone to catch up on the latest news, events, and funding opportunities within the life sciences.

I Received $100,000 from the Thiel Fellowship & Took Time Off School

I was able to join Peter Thiel's Fellowship Program that gives $100,000 to students building their own startups to give them an opportunity to focus entirely on that and take at least 2 years off school. So far, the companies built by Thiel Fellowship alums have created an aggregate of $1 Billion in aggregate company value. My co-founder and I were able to leave Harvard and hire a fantastic developer to aid us on our journey with Kynplex.

Now, I Focus on Contributing to the Cutting Edge in Machine Learning & Blockchain Technology

After joining the Thiel Fellowship, I became enthralled by what my fellow alum, Vitalik Buterin, had created: a blockchain known as Ethereum and a cryptocurrency known as Ether (Market Cap of $25 Billion USD).

I became an early adopter of the technology and I plan on building decentralized applications in the near future that change the way we think about the concept of money.

Now, I develop projects in the ecosystem such implementing sharding for Ethereum and I build my own blockchain solutions to educate others about the technology's potential.

I'll Constantly Share Content and My Thoughts on All Things Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Software Development on My Blog

I plan on using my website as a showcase of ideas, projects, and thoughts on the latest developments in these fields as well as useful tutorials for anyone to get started on building cool stuff. I'll also talk about some of my other interests and hobbies such as contemporary art, life, and everything else that inspires me.

My name is Raul and I am a blockchain developer passionate about Ethereum, building the decentralized Internet, and all sorts of other cool, nifty things.

Harvard University. Co-Founder Kynplex Inc. Thiel Fellowship '16.