My Thoughts on Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Applications, Machine Learning, and Building Cool Things :)
My Thoughts on Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Applications, and Building Cool Things :)
Ethereum Sharding Update— Prysmatic Labs Implementation Roadmap

I am very proud to show you all what we have been up to at Prysmatic Labsover the past few weeks. If you missed the first post on why sharding matters, or a brief overview of what Prysmatic Labs is doing, take a look here and here. Back in January 2018, I planned to solidify a strong team of […]

Introducing Prysmatic Labs

I am extremely excited to share with all of you what I’ve working on lately and its potential to transform the Ethereum world. Worried about the ambitious expectations that the blockchain community has on Ethereum to become the foundation of the “Web 3.0”, I put together a team of blockchain engineers on a mission to […]

How to Scale Ethereum: Sharding Explained

The scalability debate is at the front and center of the crypto community. With major occurrences such as the Cryptokitties debacle clogging up the entire Ethereum network over the span of a few days, it is well-known that the biggest, public blockchains in their current state do not scale. So what are the approaches the community […]

The User Experience of Blockchain Applications

Imagine your friend sends you a message on Facebook…you tap on the little chat box, and intuitively, a nice keyboard comes up where you don’t even have to think twice about how to search for a GIF and click send. Think about the power of this usability for a minute…did you ever have to think […]

Why I Bet On Ethereum

Back when the wild west of cryptocurrencies was first in full swing and the mainstream media was swamped with stories of drug cartels and launderers smuggling millions through bitcoin, it was pretty hard for an average person to see the value in the concept of a virtual currency. Among the initial questions that echoed across […]

Proof of Gif: a Blockchain Demo with Cats

Who doesn’t love cat gifs on the Internet? As a way to raise awareness of blockchain technology to my friends that were unfamiliar with the whole crypto world, I put together a simple demo for absolute beginners that showcases a proof of work algorithm on a simplified blockchain that stores any gif url forever in […]

How My Team Won the Facebook GraphQL Hackathon

How we exploited recursion and the graph properties of the language to create a web scraper to rule the Internet. A few months ago, my teammate Trey Granderson who worked with me at Kynplex, suggested we go to Facebook’s official GraphQL hackathon at their Cambridge headquarters, where we put together a simple project to try […]

How I Accurately Predicted Loan Payments on the LendingClub Dataset

I had a blast at a hackathon where all sorts of beginners and experts got together for a 6 hour sprint to solve a Machine Learning problem. Personally, I had no idea what we would be doing…would we be coming up with our own data sets? Participating in a Kaggle competition on the spot? The […]

The Drawbacks of Abstraction

Whenever I speak to someone who is learning how to code, one of their first concerns is always the choice of programming language. Many get caught up on learning the intricacies of python’s syntactic sugar, javascript’s built-in methods, or ruby’s idiosyncrasies when many of these details can easily be found with a google search. It […]

How to Build a Brain

How close are we to building intelligent machines? The story of Artificial Intelligence is filled with unprecedented hype of potentially changing the course of technology forever, but also tainted with lackluster results and an often stagnant research sector that has lost promise over the years. What was once a field marked by groundbreaking statistical models […]

What OpenAI Means for the Future

Some of the top leaders of Silicon Valley including Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and YCombinator have brought together their fortune and power to create Open AI, a non-profit organization that will guarantee the “openness” of the field of artificial intelligence as it dedicates itself to the pursuit of creating intelligent machines for the future. Since […]


I had a bit of a moment of nostalgia earlier this month as I was walking down the city, thinking about how different this environment feels compared to the different settings I grew up in. It felt like it was so easy to lose track of key memories and lessons I had learned when I was […]

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