Hi, my name is Raul Jordan - I am a Go developer working on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. I write regulary about cryptocurrencies, privacy technologies, life, gaming, and the latest ideas floating around the cypherpunk sphere.
Read more about me and my works - contact me raul@prysmaticlabs.com

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I had a bit of a moment of nostalgia earlier this month as I was walking down the city, thinking about how different this environment feels compared to the different settings I grew up in. It felt like it was so easy to lose track of key memories and lessons I had learned when I was younger...
How My Team Won the Facebook GraphQL Hackathon
A few months ago, my teammate Trey Granderson who worked with me at Kynplex, suggested we go to Facebook’s official GraphQL hackathon at their Cambridge headquarters, where we put together a simple project to showcase the power of the language itself...
How I Accurately Predicted Loan Payments on the LendingClub Dataset
I had a blast at a hackathon where all sorts of beginners and experts got together for a 6 hour sprint to solve a Machine Learning problem. Personally, I had no idea what we would be doing…would we be coming up with our own data sets...?
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