Hi, my name is Raul Jordan. I am a software engineer and one of the maintainers of the Ethereum blockchain protocol. I believe technology can help us build a less zero-sum world.
I like to write code in Go and Rust, and maintain a large open source project called Prysm. I currently work as a senior software engineer at Offchain Labs, the company behind the leading scalability solution for Ethereum, Arbitrum

Some of my blog's highlights are: Check out my Github or email me to get in touch

How My Team Won the Facebook GraphQL Hackathon

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  type: new GraphQLList(HtmlPage),
  resolve: async (root, args, context) => {
    const res = await fetch(root.url);
    const $ = cheerio.load(await res.text());
    const links = $('a').map(function() {
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      if ($(this).attr('href') !== '#' && $(this).attr('href').indexOf('http') > -1) {
        return $(this).attr('href');

    return links.map(url => ({ url }))

A few months ago, my teammate Trey Granderson who worked with me at Kynplex, suggested we go to Facebook’s official GraphQL hackathon at their Cambridge headquarters, where we put together a simple project to try to use the awesomeness of the language to create something nifty and meet new people.

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How I Accurately Predicted Loan Payments on the LendingClub Dataset

I had a blast at a hackathon where all sorts of beginners and experts got together for a 6 hour sprint to solve a Machine Learning problem. Personally, I had no idea what we would be doing...would we be coming up with our own data sets? Participating in a Kaggle competition on the spot?

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About me

Hi. My name is Raul and I am an individual passionate about building the decentralized web and contributing to a future where decentralized technology swings the pendulum back to the original promise of the Internet and empowers personal freedom.

"why we make the things we make says a lot about us"

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Born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, I studied Computer Science at Harvard University, where I learned how important it is to harness the power of machines to build technology the world can benefit from.

I started a company called Prysmatic Labs with my co-founder Preston Van Loon working on implementing the core of Ethereum blockchain protocol, including its major scalability upgrades using cutting-edge research such as Proof of Stake and Sharding. My team has received significant funding to achieve our vision. We have created a project named Prysm fully open source as a Go implementation of Ethereum Proof of Stake. Today, our software is the most popular one to run the Ethereum blockchain, powering its consensus engine.

While at Harvard, I received the Thiel Fellowship: a $100k grant that allowed me to take off from school to pursue my passions. Thanks to the fellowship, I got into Ethereum and now I am a blockchain developer interested in building core improvements to the protocol.

My company, Prysmatic Labs, was acquired by Offchain Labs, the team behind the leading scaling solution for Ethereum called Arbitrum.

I am currently based in Atlanta, where I enjoy spending time in nature with my awesome wife Jackie and our cat, Buster.