Some Nifty Things I've Worked On

From full-stack web applications, all the way to cat gifs on a blockchain - check out my works below

  • My Projects
Co-Founder, Kynplex Inc.
Started Kynplex while I was a freshman at Harvard as a way to make scientific information easily accessible to the general public.

Received the Thiel Fellowship as a $100,000 grant alongside my co-founder to leave school for 2 years and focus on building up the company. Worked alongside a team including a extremely talented, full-time developer that allowed us to build out our vision.
Blockchain & the Decentralized Web
Prysmatic Labs
Currently co-leading a team of blockchain engineers implementing the first version of sharding for the go-ethereum client.
Proof of Gif
As a way to raise awareness of blockchain technology to those that are unfamiliar with the crypto world, I put together a simple demo that showcases a proof of work algorithm on a simplified blockchain that stores any gif url forever in an immutable ledger.
Bitcoin Node Implementation in Go
Created a simplified bitcoin node implementation in golang that includes some of the major features of a full node such as blockchain peristence, transaction signing and logic, wallet creation, and block mining through proof of work.
Machine Learning
Predicting Loan Payments on Lending Club's Public Data
Sept 16, 2017
Achieved 93% ROC-AUC Score at the Chicago ML Meetup's Hackathon by using a supervised learning approach to predict loan payments on's public data.

Check out my blog post and jupyter notebook on how I did this!
Topic Modeling to Understand Genetic Cancer Variants
Sept 16, 2017
I used Latent Dirichlet Allocation as a topic modeling approach to understand the major factors governing certain cancer variants in Kaggle.
Beating the Baseline - Gradient Boosted Trees for the Cancer Variants Kaggle Competition
Sept 16, 2017
I used Latent Dirichlet Allocation as a topic modeling approach to understand the major factors governing certain cancer variants in Kaggle.
Web Development
Journal of Medical Insight
Joined JOMI as a lead development advisor and mentor to help the company scale. JOMI is the first online, surgical video journal that is working with top institutions worldwide to improve the state of medical education.
Uplifting News
Created Uplifting News as an aggregator of some of the happiest news on the Internet, from health sciences to business, after the 2016 election to cheer up my friends and those around me.
Created the entire technical stack and web application for JordanLab, the first accredited water and food analysis lab in Honduras, currently ranked as the best industrial lab in the nation. I currently oversee its technical infrastructure and constantly add new features in production to the site.
Created PyCoin as an online visualization tool of cryptocurrency markets as a final project for my Computer Science course at Harvard, CS171 Visualiation
My name is Raul and I am a blockchain developer passionate about Ethereum, building the decentralized Internet, and all sorts of other cool, nifty things.

Harvard University. Co-Founder Kynplex Inc. Thiel Fellowship '16.