Hi, my name is Raul Jordan. I am a Go software engineer working on the Ethereum blockchain protocol. I write about distributed systems programming, technology, life, and ideas for how we can create a less zero-sum world.
Read more about me or contact me rauljordan@alumni.harvard.edu


10 Key Takeaways from a Harvard Education
What I learned from a few years with some of the most interesting classmates I could have ever imagined
Writing an One-to-Many Event Feed Library in Go
Using the power of Go's concurrency model to recreate a library for one-to-many event subscriptions

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Using Interface Composition in Go As Guardrails
Protect yourself using incremental, data access patterns
When a Solution Is Right In Front of You
Going deep into database internals only to be saved by simple software engineering
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How to leverage channels to prevent duplicating the same, expensive work in Go
Custom Static Analysis in Go, Part I
How to write static analyzers to give your Go code superpowers
Why Go's Error Handling is Awesome
Why Go empowers developers to treat program errors as first-class citizens
Why I Speak Cantonese
Reasons why I started learning my favorite language...
Immutability Patterns in Go
How to get Go to behave nicely and not mutate my data structures
Building a Service Registry in Go
Dependency injection and other awesome features for your next Go app
Writing an One-to-Many Event Feed Library in Go
Using the power of Go's concurrency to recreate a library for one-to-many event subscriptions...
10 Key Takeaways from a Harvard Education
Attending college in the U.S. felt an unattainable dream during my high school years...
Go Lessons from Writing a Serialization Library for Ethereum
How I undertook the task of writing a new, generic serialization library in a language which does not support generics...
Why I Bet on Ethereum
I believe the first killer app will come from a system such as Ethereum and its vibrant developer community...
How to Scale Ethereum: Sharding Explained
The scalability debate is at the front and center of the crypto community. With major occurrences such as the Cryptokitties debacle clogging up the entire Ethereum network over the span of a few days, it is well-known that the biggest, public blockchains in their current state do not scale...
I had a bit of a moment of nostalgia earlier this month as I was walking down the city, thinking about how different this environment feels compared to the different settings I grew up in. It felt like it was so easy to lose track of key memories and lessons I had learned when I was younger...
How My Team Won the Facebook GraphQL Hackathon
A few months ago, my teammate Trey Granderson who worked with me at Kynplex, suggested we go to Facebook’s official GraphQL hackathon at their Cambridge headquarters, where we put together a simple project to showcase the power of the language itself...
How I Accurately Predicted Loan Payments on the LendingClub Dataset
I had a blast at a hackathon where all sorts of beginners and experts got together for a 6 hour sprint to solve a Machine Learning problem. Personally, I had no idea what we would be doing…would we be coming up with our own data sets...?
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